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Only if i Could

i sit and dream wondering how it would feel if i could sing.

lyrics swarm inside me but a voice won’t come out of me.

how i love the feeling to imagine the thought of letting go, to feel it flow out of me and imagining my words touching others hearts.

i know it is just a dream  but only if i could just sing, others could feel how i feel, why even my daughter would know how much she means to me and know i would never let her go.

your my flesh and blood, I love you so dear… 

just thinking of you….

i wanted to say your not alone… 

only if i could…

"Within A Year"

Time passes us by

Faster than a blink of an eye

Yesterday was a year ago

What happen to tomorrow

The clock ticks, but the time skips

Close an eye, the year passes on by.

Forgotten but with no dust

Lost within inner torment

Scarred without a cut

Bandaged by a hug

All within a year


In the state of mind
i feel the bind
lost i seek the comfort
i entrust
thou i disgust myself
relapsed again
am i weak
am i not worthy
I only go deeper
in my thoughts
depression sweeps me
under a cloud
For not i know
I merely seek
my comfort
I hate this feeling
I am not strong
I can not hold on
anger rages in my veins
my despair gains
how i must find
my strength
to lift myself up
I only wish
I didn’t have to suffer
so much…..

—   Written By painsofather

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Tags of my Child’s Feelings